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  • Beautiful 15 pane antique window//SOLD


    This beautiful antique window came from a mansion in Upper Bucks County Pennsylvania. I took special care to sand it lightly and leave the original finish, making it look so beautiful. Almost telling it's story with every nick and groove on it. There is a coating of poly acrylic to keep it's finish forever. 

    I left two panes without glass as that is how I found it. I added a set of cast iron keys to the one pane and an antique bottle I found while digging around the grounds of the mansion to the other empty pane. I filled the bottle with pretty paper flowers, but you can put what ever you would like. 

    I put picture hanging wire on the back for you.

    The hardware I added puts a unique touch on this window. Bringing it back to life! 

    This piece would look great just about anywhere in your home or that special place you have in mind for yourself or that someone special you need that unique gift for.

    What a unique gift!!